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Foto: Geddafors film

Photo: Geddafors film

About Granland III

Welcome to the homepage of Granland III. Granland III is a LARP (Live-Action Roleplaying Game) primarily played in Swedish but participants are allowed to use English aswell – almost all players speak more or less fluent English. This introduction in English is primarily meant for potential participants from other countries as well as the international press.

The Game

Granland III is a drama about social injustice, religion, relations and restlessness – in the midst of a ruthless war. The drama will take form as a LARP in the end of July 2014.

Granland III is part of the ongoing LARP-campaign known as the Granland-campaign, which has been organized many times and in many forms since 2008. The campaign has been described as a highly ambitious and well organized campaign with focus on realistic immersion, social realism, role-playing and character creation. The campaign also involves elements of war, which are used as a catalyst for creating and improving the mutual immersion. The participants on Granland III are expected to take active part in the creation of the game by studying the fiction, creating realistic characters and creating historically accurate equipment of good quality.

As a participant of Granland III you will be a part of a group of participants who together will portray a military unit or civilian group. This group is a logistic and administrative unit who, together with the other groups, will help create the game that is Granland III.

Granland III is organized by the non-profit organization Föreningen Granland together with many of the LARP-organizations who at the moment are active on the Nordic Larp-scene. Partners of the project also include SVEROK, Sensum, Bifrost (DK) and the City of Stockholm – amongst many others.

The project which is Granland III is built on values such as equality, solidarity, friendship, acceptance, love and understanding. Sexism, racism, discrimination of LGBT or any other type of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Members of the press, the public or the LARP’ing society are welcome to contact the organizers of Granland III by using the email